What to Consider When Choosing a Glazier

Choosing a skilled glazier to fit new windows in your home is something you will want to dedicate some time too. Getting new windows fitted in your home can come at a great cost. You will want a glazier that has extensive knowledge and provides excellent customer service. A true professional glazier is an expert at installing and removing glass and has mastered the craft of this skill. Glass is a delicate material that must be handled with care by a professional who has extensive knowledge and experience. Here in the UK many people do not do their research before hiring someone to perform a service. Below are the major details to consider when choosing a glazier to undertake your window repair.

Experience – Have They Done It Before & How Long Have They Been Around For?

Experience is critical when choosing a glazier. Knowing they have sufficient experience will ensure you choose a glazier that will do a great job. You should do your research on glazier’s that you want to hire. They may have previous clients who have given feedback or you may be able to find reviews for their business. These may be found on the businesses social media such as Facebook or their Website. An experienced glazier will be able to assess the job requirements much faster and their assessment will be more precise than a beginner glazier. This will ensure you receive an accurate estimate of costs and the length of time needed to complete the project.

It is important that you accurately assess any specific elements of the project that may be out of the ordinary as this may increase the cost of the project and also what type of glazier you should hire. For example, you may need double glazing and this will require a glazier who you know can perform this and has a good track record.

Before choosing a glazier, you should consider how many years of experience the company has in the industry and whether the company has a solid reputation. Knowing the company has experience will give you confidence that they have dealt with a wide range of projects. This means they will be able to adequately advise you with the most appropriate approach for your repair.

Thoroughly Research Their Credentials

As mentioned previously, you should thorough research the company’s credentials. This can be done by obtaining past customer reviews which will provide you will useful feedback. The internet is a valuable source and glaziers with websites can provide you with more information. You can also ask your neighbours or local community about which glaziers they have had experience with and which ones they recommend. However, keep in mind that other people’s opinions may not always be accurate. A further step would be to ask the company for a customer reference, which should not be a problem if they are truly professional. Furthermore, glaziers are often members of professional bodies or are able to provide you with evidence of their qualifications. An excellent glazier will certainly not mind you asking important questions, and they ought to be able to rapidly supply you with answers to any questions that you may have. Simply asking them politely about their proof of experience is a great idea and is highly recommended to gain further insight.

Choose A Glazier That Is Local

Selecting a glazing company that is local is generally an excellent decision. Firstly, a local glazier would have carried out and worked on other properties that are in your area. Familiarity is always beneficial. Secondly, local fitters rely on their track record and word of mouth to attract new customers to their business, meaning they are more likely to over deliver and complete a job with high standards. Lastly, staying local will be beneficial if you need to contact the company again in the future if you have any further queries or concerns.

Never Be Afraid to Ask Questions

When hiring a glazier, or any contractor for that matter, never be afraid to ask them questions to ensure both parties know what to expect. Clearing out any questions or concerns before commencement of a job will make you more comfortable and confident that you will receive a service of high standards. As you go through the hiring process take some time to think through possible issues that could go wrong and ask the glazier directly as to how they would handle the situation.

Some potential questions you could ask:

  1. How much will the project cost and what timeframe are we looking at?
  2. Will there be a contract in place detailing the expected outcomes?
  3. What materials are required for this project and are these all included in the quotation?
  4. If a worker damages property that is not related to the project, do you have insurance to cover those costs?
  5. What options are available if I am not satisfied with the final work?
  6. Who specifically will be completing the work and what expertise and experience do they have?

You must be comfortable that in the event of something going wrong that you have options available to you. Asking the above questions will give you the peace of mind that your glazier will handle any issues fairly and professionally.

The Company Should Be Affordable

When you hire a glazier company to undertake glass repair, you are paying for their expertise, attention and time that they will dedicate to the project. As you obtain and compare quotes from different companies, disregard both extremely low and extremely high quotes. An extremely low quote generally means low quality work or inexperienced staff, whereas an extremely high quote means that the company is overcharging. Always select a company with a fair price.


If you are looking for quality window repair, you will want to hire the best glazier company to do the job. You need to consider the qualities that you would want of the company, as this can help you in locating the best glazier company. The above factors can help you in the process of choosing a glazier that best suits your needs.

Why I don’t have a favourite type of music

Whether I’m on my way to work or working out at the gym, music just has a way of getting me pumped up. That being said, the music I love depends on the mood I am in, so it’s really hard to say which one I love the most. Without a doubt I have been heavily influenced by the music I listened to as a child, my parents listened to a range of music. My mom loved disco and pop music of the 80’s whereas my dad enjoyed more Jazz and Funk. I think my tastes ended up being somewhere in the middle there. I am glad that I grew up in a household listening to music because it has given me such a great appreciation for music. While I love to sing (much to the dismay of others) I have never trulymastered any instrument. Therefore I listen to music every chance that I get as it’s my one way to fell connected to the world of music.If I had to truly narrow it down I would say the type of music I listen to most frequently is R&B, Soul, and Rap. I know you’re probably wondering how the same persons listen to those genres, but let me explain why I am a fan of these genres.

If you flip through my iPod on a regular day you would find me listening to R&B music. My mom always jokes that she thinks I was born in the wrong decade because I love old school R&B. I listen to singers like the Four Tops, the Temptations, Patti LaBelle and the bluebells, Earth wind and fire. That’s the music I grew up listening to so it’s no surprise that I have a close affinity for those kinds of songs. Sometimes I think of what it might be like to be around during those days. I would love to learn all the dance moves and go to all the clubs like Studio 54. I love especially that period in the 70s to 80s where disco music dominated airwaves. Whether it was Donna Summer or Gloria Gaynor, their music is filled with so much energy and life. There is something so infectious about music from this time period that just made you want to live life on the edge. On those days when I am feeling less than myself this music never ceases to cheer me up., even if I just hear one song it changes the whole mood of my day.

Every now and again I love to listen to music that has more meaning, and for me that is soul. Whether its contemporaries like Amy Winehouse, Corrine Bailey Rae and Lauryn Hill or the oldies like Marvin Gaye. There is something about soul music that resonates with me. I love that soul music connects with a higher consciousness and has the ability to resonate deeply with you. I find with soul music that the instruments are a bit more old school so it would not be uncommon to hear a trumpet sounding. Listening to the music itself I find takes you away to another place, as opposed to when I listen to R&B music. There is something almost haunting about soul music that makes you want to know more. I think I enjoy soul music so much because of what they say about the time in which the artist was living. Soul music has the ability to capture the essence or spirit of a specific place in time. When I hear Marvin Gaye’s “What’s going on” or even Etta James “At Last” you get a glimpse of what they must be experiencing. I love that feeling about soul music and that is one of the reasons it will always be one of my favorite genres of music.

While I won’t claim to be a rap connoisseur, I do enjoy listening to rap music. When I’m in the gym I find that the fast beats and loud music tends to get me pumped up for a good workout. Moreover I love listening to conscious rappers like Kendrick Lamar and J Cole because I find that their lyrics make me think different about the topics they discuss. Whether its poverty, success or politics, their take on mainstream issues and events always make me take another look at my own thoughts. I also enjoy rap music because of the energy that rappers bring to the song. There is a feeling of dominance and pure confidence when you hear a rap song. Listening to rap songs I appreciate rappers ability to be honest and vulnerable and their strong sense of self. Some rap songs often seem auto biographical because of their honest nature and the self-assuredness of rappers. Whenever I finish listening to a rap song it makes me inspired to be at a place in my life where I too have master a skill and can affect others with words. I love their ability to use words to paint a musical masterpiece. To me, getting to that point of honesty within yourself is a sign of deep personal growth and it reflects a person who has examined his life and his thoughts. For me rap music will always be a way to explore news ways of thinking and beliefs. I have an appreciation for how it makes me evaluate my own thoughts ad questions standard conventions of thinking.

To be honest it would be hard to say which music is my favourite because I listen to a range of different types. There are certain periods in my life when a certain artist or music style seems to represent what I am going through. In those periods I tend to listen to one music style over another. Typically when I am going through a tough period Gospel music seems to be my choice of music. I find it uplifting and moving, even listening to one song can help me hold on just a little longer in those difficult times. As I have gotten older I would say I have gravitated to music that has deeper meaning more so than the causal pop songs that are played on the radio. However every now and again I like to get silly and listen to music I can dance to. Your life is your soundtrack so don’t be afraid to move to your own beat, whether or not people notice you is not important.